1981 Chevrolet Silverado Truck

I have owned this truck for about 23 years. I always wanted a Chevy truck with a California Stepside bed style. It has a non-original 350 cu. in. engine and a 350 automatic transmission. It has the original Air Conditioning setup, but it is not in working order. It has dual gasoline tanks and a trailer hitch attached to the rear of frame. It needs a paint job and minor cosmetic work. The tires are old and need to be replaced. Rims are in good condition and they are Modular chrome, 8 X 10 inches wide. I personally like wide tires all around and have used 275/60/15 for the solid hot rod look, but this truck looks also nice with a 4 X 4 style of tires.


Your chance to own another piece of American history.


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1981 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Truck

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